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So much to say, but....

Jordan Crouch has two great posts today on lending; one on brokers and the other on rates. Just go to his blog and look at them.

I saw an ad in the paper today mourning the loss of Kimco founder Martin Kimmel. David Bodamer has more.

Edward Roski has his latest proposal for bringing the No Fun League back to Los Angeles, this time with a 75,000 seat stadium in the City of Industry. Good luck. Apparently they only have to file a supplemental EIR, but even if someone wants to move a team to LA does anyone care anymore? With so much else to do (including USC and ucla football), I'm not so sure.

Why am I being so short? It is noon. I have largely finished my work for the day, and I am eager to go play at least nine holes. But there's a storm front coming soon, so I'd better hop to it!

Have a great weekend.