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Sam sure doesn't pull punches

Sam Zell calls the estimated difference between the $6 billion Harry Macklowe paid for the EOP Manhattan properties and the $7 billion he paid for them "Macklowe stupidity.'' Ow. You must have a thick skin to play at that level.

While people do not want to overpay:

The pace of commercial real estate deals may pick up as U.S. pension funds such as the California Public Employees' Retirement System move money into real estate, Zell said. "I don't think they can afford to sit on the sidelines and get 2 percent from Treasuries when they need 7 percent'' of returns to pay retirement benefits, he said of the funds. That could lead to an "opening'' in credit markets.

Makes sense to me, but we have to see what the rest of the dirt world says and does.