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Hey, hey -- some good, balanced journalism!

Robert Manor is now covering the commercial real estate beat for the Tribune. So far I have liked was he's been writing, but today's column might be his best yet. Why? Objectivity! Instead of gloom and dooming, he lays out the facts in a story with this very cool hed: Good enough equals great in real estate.

Sometimes average isn't so bad, especially amid economic uncertainty.

Several commercial real estate industry observers have issued reports in recent days, examining how the Chicago market is faring. What they found in general: Chicago real estate markets may not be outperforming, but neither are they in distress.
Bravo. We're not doing great, but stop the talk of everything tanking for now. That does not mean things may get worse or conditions will change, but the balanced nature of the story really caught my eye.

Welcome, Mr. Manor; I look forward to reading your work.