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Here's the latest reminder on salaries

First of all, I hope no one minds the new layout too much. I needed a change and I probably will again soon. I'm planning to retain someone to customize the blog for me and give it a "clean" look.

Moving right along: The Tribune's caught up with the trend of reporting on the disparities between high-earning lawyers and their counterparts with this magazine story today, with stories of lawyers working second jobs at bars, people feeling they wasted three years on a degree and other tales, some of which I've seen before.

Some stylebook errors aside (referring to firms such as Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz by their first names only on first reference is a faux pas imo, especially in a non-trade publication), it is a good story. My one substantive quibble is that I do not recall it mentioning the fact that successful trial lawyers make the most money of all.

I know I am beating a very dead horse, but it bears repeating, especially if predictions of more outsourcing, the rise of paralegals performing unsupervised work lawyers now do, etc. come true. The monetary returns of law school aren't great for the average person, especialy nowadays with crippling debts upon graduation. Personally, I'd shut down about 60% or more of our law schools, but what do I know?