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Deal snags - the latest example

Just when you think a deal's going to close, another snag hits. This happens all the time. I know a deal that was supposed to close in June that is just going at turtle speed when it shouldn't be.

Case in point: Waterview Tower. Last month I mentioned that Teng & Associates had apparently plunked down ~$170 million in cash on the future Shangri-La Hotel and condos, but that they were confident they'd get a loan in place soon.

Enter the snag. In this case, the lender's usual carrier for trade credit insurance decides that something (either the market, or perhaps something else) makes this deal too risky to underwrite. So, it's off to Lloyd's and elsewhere to find a company willing to do the deal -- for the right price.

Let's recap. Now you are looking at a huge project at a standstill, probably no policy (or closing) in place until October, the possibility of bringing in a JV partner (which could slow things down again or speed them up if there's enough cash in the game). This is a dirt lawyer's dream -- or nightmare.

So watch for a closing in 45 days, unless there's another snag.