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Save More by Purchasing a Policy From the Insurer with the Best Discounts

One of the fastest ways to save money on coverage is with discounts. All insurance companies offer discounts. When you request auto insurance quotes, you should be able to tell what discounts were applied to your proposed rates. You can compare discounts to see which insurer offers you the best value for your money.

Common Discounts in Car Insurance

These are the reductions that most drivers are familiar with because nearly all insurers offer them. If you have a current policy or have had one in the past, it is likely you have qualified for at least one of the following discounts:
Multiple policies - known as bundling, when you buy your life, home, and car insurance policies from the same insurer, you can save as much as 20% on annual premiums.
Safe driver - being accident free for a specific period of time can help you get a reduction of nearly 5%.
Good student - maintaining at least a "B" average while in school can qualify young drivers for 25% in savings.
Multiple vehicles - the more vehicles you insure with one company, the greater savings you earn. Several insurers give 20% discounts if you have more than one vehicle that requires insurance.
Loyalty - insurers want your business and are willing to give you 5% off premiums if you stay with them for a certain number of years.
These are just a few examples of popular discounts that can help you save money when you get auto insurance quotes to compare offers from major providers.

Less Known Discounts for drivers

There are other discounts you should be aware of when using auto insurance quotes. These are less common and are not available from every insurer:
Military - you can save up to 15% on premiums if you currently serve in or are retired from the military.
Affinity or group - by belonging to a certain association or working for a particular company, you may be eligible for an affinity discount of 10% off premiums.
Early signing - as a way to attract you to their company, several insurers offer a 10% reduction if you switch to them before your existing policy expires.
Low mileage - you can save another 15% just by spending less time on the road. Insurers that offer this discount have a maximum number of miles you can drive annually to qualify for this discount.
New car - if you buy a brand new car, certain insurers will give you a 30% discount for being the car's first owner.
You may have to research each insurer to know the specific discounts they offer before you request auto insurance quotes. Compare the type and amount of the discount to determine which insurer is right for you. Discounts can save you hundreds of dollars on premiums annually.