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Gender and Auto Insurance Quotes

For many, it does not make sense that gender would play a role in how much you pay for insurance. There seems to be other factors that are more important such as your driving record and the type of car you drive. However, insurers have determined that gender is a predictive factor that must be incorporated into the rate calculation process.
What Statistics Say
Insurers rely on historical data and trends to assess risk in various conditions. Auto insurance quotes reflect these findings:
  • Accidents - drivers under the age of 25 typically have higher rates because they are newer drivers. But male drivers in that age group are considered to be higher risk for insurers because they cause more accidents resulting in serious injuries and expensive property damage than their female counterparts.
  • Speed - this group is likely to get more speeding tickets than other drivers. High speeds are a factor in many serious accidents, especially on highways and other areas that have higher speed limits. Speeding is the most common traffic violation and a good indicator of your chances of causing an accident in the future.
  • Mileage - male drivers are simply on the road more than females and that increases their chances of being in an accident. Women prefer to work closer to home and spend less time commuting to work than men.
Some research suggests men are more likely to drink and drive than women. Critics suggest this research is not valid because they believe police are just less lenient with male drivers.
Why Females are Safer Drivers
There are numerous theories about why female drivers take fewer risks when driving:
  • Women are more likely to be driving with children in the vehicle, especially during school drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Women are less likely to speed just for the fun of it or the adrenaline rush of going excessively fast.
  • Women have fewer DUI convictions than men which might mean they are less willing to drink and drive.
  • Fewer young women have driver's licenses than young men. For this reason, it makes sense that young men are the cause of more accidents than young female drivers.
How to Deal with Gender Discrepancies
When using auto insurance quotes to buy coverage, there are steps you can take to mitigate the effect of gender on your rates:
  • Wait it out - rates do become more equitable once drivers get older.
  • Keep driving record clean - you can get better rates sooner by avoiding accidents and tickets.
  • Take remedial driving courses - proactively improve your driving to qualify for discounts.
  • Switch providers - certain providers will give male drivers better rates regardless of age.
Auto insurance quotes can help you save money as long as you understand the factors insurers rely on to calculate rates. Once you get a quote you like, you can talk to the insurer to determine how much your gender affects the amount you pay for a policy.