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Cheap Auto Insurance: The Best Time to Buy a Car

Many people are looking for great deals when they buy a car. Whether they are hunting for a new or used vehicle, they want to know they are getting the best value for their money. It's no secret that some times of the year are better to buy than others:
  • Most car salespeople are trying to meet monthly quotas so the end of the month is a great time to look at cars, especially new ones. Salespeople are more likely to give you better discounts to get that sale.
  • Sales at the end of the year are even better for buyers. In addition to the advertised deals, they can often negotiate other discounts. Dealers are trying to meet annual quotas and salespeople are trying to earn annual bonuses based on their sales. Plus, dealers have to make way for the new models and they don't want to carry extra inventory through the end of the year.
  • End of quarter is another good time to buy. Dealers have to report what they've sold and they want it to look as impressive as possible.
New model years of cars typically come out in the summer or early fall, but some makes release their newest models in the spring. Dealers want to get rid of the previous year before the new ones come in. This is especially true if the new year's model is a also a new design; dealers know there won't be as much interest in what is considered last year's look once the new models are on display.
Bad Weather
No one wants to take a test drive in the rain or snow so these are typically slower times for dealers. They'll often work with you to get a great deal if you are likely to be their only customer for the day. Make sure you know what you want ahead of time or at least have narrowed it down to two or three models so you look like a serious buyer. You also want to check about cheap auto insurance on your favorite choices.
During the Week
Dealers are typically less busy earlier in the week than on weekends. Not only will you get in and out faster and enjoy better service, you can also get a better deal . You'll also have a chance to look at cheap auto insurance, don't you? So visit our website.