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Car Insurance Quotes: The Best New Safety Features

Thanks to major advancements in technology, cars are safer to drive today than ever before. However, some of the new features are more important than others. Here are a few to look for when you go car shopping from your best car safety adviser:
  • Enhanced Visibility: Some vehicles come with adaptive headlights, which mean that they turn as you turn the car so you can see around curves. Others feature infrared night vision, which help you see things just beyond your normal line of sight at night. For instance, you may be able to see a deer or other animal just off to the side of the road that you would otherwise miss.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Many cars today alert you when you are drifting out of your lane. This can help prevent a head-on collision. The cars come equipped with radars or other sensors that help determine where the car is in relation to the lane. The car will alert you with a beep and lights flashing. The steering wheel may also vibrate.
  • Rear View Camera: It can be hard to see what surrounds you when you are backing out of your driveway or out of a space in a parking lot. Rear view cameras have been added to many vehicles to give you a better view. This can help prevent you from hitting another car or running into a person behind your vehicle. The vehicle may come with backup sensors, too. These send out warning beeps as you get closer to an object.
  • Automatic Braking: More cars are adding this feature and it is expected to be standard in a few years. The vehicle's brake system automatically engages when you are getting too close to another vehicle. This can not only help avoid a collision, but it can reduce the impact and injury if you do collide with another vehicle. This is an important feature to mention when you are shopping for car insurance quotes to help you qualify for a lower cost.
  • Forward-Collision Avoidance: This is a complete system that is just being added to certain cars. It often works in conjunction with the automatic braking system. It alerts drivers to the possibility of a crash and begins to take action to either prevent one or lessen the impact. It can reposition the headrests, move the passenger seat back, and apply the brakes.
For lower car insurance quotes, make sure to mention any safety features your vehicle has.