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What is $190 million among friends? A LOT of money!

That is how much Crain's estimates that Teng & Associates has plunked into the Waterview Tower/Shangi-La Hotel development on Wacker Drive. Other than a $20 million bridge loan from LaSalle Bank, that's apparently all cash we're talking here.

Neither I nor Crain's has seen any much activity there in weeks, and the trade reports that there are at least nine mechanic's liens that have been filed. (That is an UGLY statute in Illinois to deal with, by the way.) Often that's a sign of major league trouble. But the lender insists that the loan will be done and construction will then proceed. Good. I like staying at Shangri-La in Asia.

And, as you probably know, Teng is not alone. I have not heard anything about financing for the Chicago Spire either, but I assume Kelleher and Anglo-Irish (presumably a syndicate) will eventually do something to get that deal done as well. If you look at pictures, the hole in the ground is dug. There's a YouTube post with rumors (you can look it up if you care; no link here). Of course, I've seen holes dug and no building built thereafter for a looong time, but I don't know how this will turn out. I'm hoping, of course, the deal gets done.