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It's been a long and busy week

But I could not let Saturday morning go by without giving props to Jeff Brown, the Bawld Guy. Yes, we've been reading about banks being taken over and Fannie and Freddie in trouble. It's enough to scare you and me and many people, eh?

Jeff will help bring you back to earth with two posts here and here. The moral of the story? We're in the last act of a movie we've seen before, one where the country is going to hell in a handbasket. But guess what? The crisis ends and we start casting for the next gloom and doom movie. It's just been a while between showings.

In short, what is going on is a sequel to previous crises. The old-timers have seen this before, and we'll all see this again. Yes, there are different casts, and some movies are scarier than others (sometimes because of the persuasiveness of the critics), but this is not a time to jump out of a building. Actually, no time is a good time to do that.

Enjoy your weekend. It looks like the skies may clear up enough to sneak in some golf.