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Like I was sayin' -- mixed signals, but...

...I see more positive signs than negative. See this CoStar review for a nice wrap-up.

The big negative? Jamie Dimon thinks the credit crunch is ending (and so do I, based on what my clients are telling me about their summer pipeline) but that we may have an extended, long-term economic challenge.

The positives?

CBRE Investors (a former client) just finished raising $2.2 billion for its US Fund 5.

GE Cap is giving out big interest-only portfolio loans. (Those guys at HFF, who brokered the loan, are simply phenomenal.)

Cantor Fitzgerald (yes, you read that right) is jumping into opportunistic real estate. I'm still trying to reconcile that in my head.

I'm ever the optimist, but I see a busy summer and fall ahead.