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And your survival plan is?

NetGain Real Estate has an interesting article out about getting through the next twelve months in CRE. It says the turnaround may take longet than we think because of the consumer part of the economy (I'm not so sure about that), and also "believes that we have seen the worst of the slide and that any further declines in stock and real estate values will not be significant."

I like some of the tidbits on investing, which I think bode people well to read. Rather than repeat them here, go take a look. Some of them seem a little obvious e.g., "Strong lessees have a positive affect on real estate value"), and there are one or two I'd consider disagreeing with for the right price, but that does not bother me. It is worth re-reading and reminding yourself of some sound fundamental thinking in this market.

Final question: are you a survivor, a non-survivor or a new winner?

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