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Tips on getting the best auto insurance quotes

We're all used to getting very expensive auto insurance quotes from very different providers. It's not surprising to see a person paying several thousand dollars for insuring a single car these days. And while such outrageous prices are often explained by insurers through a multitude of factors ranging from bad economy to fuel prices, it is surely unacceptable to pay part of the car's entire cost for keeping it insured for only a year. And while the obligatory nature of auto insurance can surely get on one's nerves, there are many effective solutions to making it a lot more affordable. Here are some tips on how to do that:
Shop around
If there would be only a single possible solution to use, comparison shopping would be the first to think about. It's hard to overestimate the potential of comparing auto insurance quotes when it comes to making insurance more affordable. By simply comparing the offers from competing companies you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year. Just make sure you know what exactly you want with your policy and keep comparing quotes for this exact set of coverage. You will be surprised how effective this can be.
Review your policy
Quite often people take what they are offered by their agents or brokers without looking deep into the contents of the policy. And this may often be the reason why they're overpaying hundreds of dollars each year. Make sure to study the contents of your policy and adjust them to your current needs. Change coverage limits to what's more appropriate in your area and exclude the types you don't really need. This can be a very effective cost-cutting measure, just make sure to not get carried away and cut the policy to the bare minimum - you don't want to be underinsured in case of a serious accident.
Get discounts
You will be surprised to learn how common the discounts really are. They are generally available through all insurers, even if not advertised. There are many common discounts such as good driving record, loyal client, multiple vehicle, successful student, senior driver, military worker, low mileage and so on. Just get a list of companies operating in your place of residence here, then take a little time to ask the insurers and see if you can opt for any of the discount they have - this alone can make your policy more affordable.
Change the vehicle
Needless to say, all of the aforementioned tips can be applied simultaneously for better results. But what if there's still no significant effect? This usually means that your car is simply expensive to insure to begin with. If you drive a sports car or an SUV it is obvious that you won't find cheap insurance. However, some family vehicles can be expensive to insure as well. That's why you should consider changing your car to a model that is generally cheap to insure in the first place. This can drop your insurance costs a lot, although it will come at a price of giving up your favorite car model.