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Cheap Auto Insurance: The Best Cars of 2014

Every year, car manufacturers come out with new models on all of the top makes. They are not all big hits. In fact, only a few usually stand out as the winners for the year. Here are three that have won big appeal by the critics for the upcoming year:
  • 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon: Minivans have mostly fallen out of favor with the majority of buyers as crossover vehicles have taken over the market. However, the new Transit Connect Wagon by Ford may just bring the minivan back in style. This is a redesign of a van that has been popular for commercial use, but this time the focus is more on family traveling. It provides plenty of room for either five or seven people with lots of cargo space. However, the Ford Transit doesn't forget the importance of fuel economy; it has an impressive figure of 30 plus miles per gallon on the highway.
And of course this review also pays attention to how easy these models are to ensure.
  • 2014 Kia Cadenza: This just might be the sportiest car Kia has released in some time. It's also a larger car than what you usually see and comes at a higher price tag. The Cadenza also carries some premium features such as a leather upgrade. Comfort is as big of a priority on this new car from Kia as style, so it provides good handling and plenty of room. Another feature that drivers will enjoy is the smart cruise control that stops to avoid collision with the car in front and starts up again if the stop was only momentary. This is a good safety feature that will help you find cheap auto insurance despite its near-luxury status.
  • 2014 Chevrolet Impala: One of the classics that are still available, the Impala has not been as popular in recent years. However, this model is a redesign aimed at capturing a new generation of Impala lovers. If you are looking for a mid-size sedan that has plenty of room and plenty of style, the new Impala might just be perfect. It's still got that classic look with a longer hood and short trunk. It's also loaded with modern features that today's drivers will appreciate. It even has a way of locking your touchscreen to keep information safe, a feature that makes it less attractive to thieves and in turn makes it easier for you to get cheap auto insurance even on a brand-new car.