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Laws regarding auto insurance in Illinois can be a headache, but not after reading this post!

The laws regarding auto insurance in Illinois can be pretty harsh. So it is a good idea to have your head around them before you look into getting auto insurance quotes in Illinois. The first and most obvious point is that it is mandatory that every vehicle be insured. This is pretty much true throughout the nation, and should come as no surprise to anyone. If you drive without insurance, you can have the registration on your car suspended, and might be responsible for a fine of a minimum of 55$. If you are caught driving a vehicle with a suspended registration, then the fines can shoot up well over 1000$. The theory behind this is to attempt to deter you from violating the law again, and harsh penalties like that are hardly worth the risk. If your car has an Illinois license plate, then these laws apply to you.
Getting down to brass tacks, the actual requirement for insurance is only the start. There are also minimums that the state requires. The liability requirements mean you need to have at least 20,000$ in coverage in case you are at fault in an accident to cover any obligation for repairs on your part. Beyond that, the law requires you to have at least 40,000$ in case of injury or death. The minimum requirement for damage to property is 15,000$ so that any damage you do will be mitigated though the insurance company.
Another aspect of the auto insurance laws in Illinois is that you are required by law to carry with you proof that your car is insured, and this can be requested by a police officer at any point they deem necessary. These laws are enforced though a random questionnaire that is sent out to random vehicle owner's throughout the state. If you fail to return this questionnaire then you can face fines and the suspension of your vehicles registration. Insurance on the car needs to be shown prior to it being reinstated. The second time the law is broken the vehicle gets suspended for four times longer, and after that the person breaking the law gets put under court supervision.
Illinois has been at the forefront of protecting its citizens though proper vehicle safety laws. This allows drivers to drive knowing that should an irresponsible driver strike them, they are protected. Getting proper insurance is of the utmost importance, and getting good auto insurance quotes in Illinois can mean the difference between losing your license and being protected. Getting proper auto insurance quotes in Illinois is easy with use of the Internet to quickly sort through the various insurance companies. With the right auto insurance quotes in Illinois you be a safe from the strict Illinois laws.