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Home Insurance: Tips to Help You Save Money on Heating

One of the big expenses that many homeowners face during the winter is increased heating costs. Utility bills can double, triple or more during the coldest months of the year. It can be especially difficult if you live in an area with low temperatures. Here are a few tips to help you save money on those heating costs this year.
Seal All Open Areas
  • Make sure heat isn't leaking out of your doors and windows. They may need to be resealed if you feel cold air coming in any of those areas.
  • An attic that isn't well-insulated or any other places that open to the outside, even electrical outlets, can contribute to higher heating costs.
  • You may even want to consider replacing old windows for ones that are more energy efficient. The cost of replacement can be made up quickly in reduced heating bills. If you can only afford to do a few windows at a time, you'll want to begin with windows on the north side or anywhere you get extra wind. Also, consider replacing windows in the rooms where you spend most of your time.
Close Off Unused Rooms
If there are rooms that are not used often such as a guest bedroom or formal dining room, you may want to close off the vents and shut the doors to those rooms. That way your furnace won't have as much space to heat. You'll notice a great deal of savings if you only heat the areas where you spend your time.
Use Other Heating Methods
You can often turn down your furnace by using other methods of heating. For instance, sleeping with an electric blanket can keep you warm even if the room is at a lower temperature. If you decide to use space heaters, make sure you follow safety requirements; a fire can cause serious damage and raise your home insurance.
If your home has a working fireplace, you may want to use that for heating. You can also convert it into a heater to provide additional heating for that room and nearby areas. Make sure you check with your home insurance provider before making changes to ensure you are covered; many companies ask if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove to figure your rates.
There are numerous things you can do to reduce the heating costs for your home. Some of them are very low-cost such as sealing your windows and doors or turning down the thermostat. Others may cost more but can result in lower heating bills for the future. Either way, you can still save money on your heating without sacrificing the cozy warmth of home.