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Age of Obama's Judicial Nominees

Alliance for Justice recently released a report on the state of the judiciary during the first three years of the Obama administration. In addition to vacancy, nomination, and confirmation rates, we examined demographic and background information on each of Obama's nominees.

The average age of President Obama's appointees -- 52.0 years old -- is considerably higher than the average age of any of the last three Republican presidents' confirmed judges. The age discrepancy is particularly glaring for circuit court appointees, who have been, on average, 4-6 years older than Republican presidents' appointees. Republican presidents have shown no hesitancy in nominating people under 50 to circuit court seats, and in fact placed a premium on selecting young nominees.

If you examine the age distribution of Obama's nominees, it is apparent that they skew marginally toard the upper 50s, raising his average above his predecessors.

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For more information on the demographic and professional backgrounds of Obama's judicial nominees, download our latest report, "The State of the Judiciary: Judicial Nominations During the First Three Years of the Obama Presidency."