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My ICSC Agenda

Yes, I am a first-timer at this year's ICSC conference.  I'd been planning to go for years now, but family commitments always stood in the way.  So this year, I'm taking them with me! 

If you want to meet or talk about dirt or anything else during the conference, please feel free to email me at dstejkowski (at) stejlaw dot com, or via at Twitter at DirtLawyer. (Sorry, I want to try to do something to avoid you know what.)  I will be attending the Dealmakers Magazine Tweetup on Monday at Booth S283 Q Street.  I will also be at a LoopNet function on Sunday to see what they have going.  And Sunday morning I plan to attend the legal special interest group function.  I know I have a bunch of other things going on, but of course I do not have my agenda with me while I am writing.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you, so don't be shy!  Here's to a great RECon.