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ICSC Day Two Mid-Day Thoughts

There is a lot of activity in the halls today and people seemed very deal focused.  Appointment schedules are booked up and people I was hoping just to say a quick hi to are too busy working deals.  I am glad to see that of course.  Since I am a newbie it is hard for me to say how attendance is but it sure looks okay to me.

Although I do not agree with him on some issues, Robert Reich gave a pretty good, entertaining and witty presentation this morning regarding his thoughts on the economy.  You can read my Twitter feed for the details.  Now, he is a policy wonk, so comparing Reich's speech to Palin's would be unfair.  But apparently some people think I am a pinko Commie for daring not to like Palin's speech.  That of course makes me chuckle; you can read a response to a comment if you are into the political thing.

There's another good round of cocktail parties and the like tonight, but I plan to pretty much be done by 5:30 or so, as I plan to have some family time and then take off from Las Vegas tomorrow morning, perhaps after one last short visit to the convention floor.

If I have more to report, such as activity from the Tweetup, look her or, again, on Twitter.  Hope everyone is having a good convention!