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Poor Driving Record Doesn't Always Mean Too Expensive Car Insurance

Finding cheap car insurance having a poor driving record can be difficult. Whether you have a DUI, DWI, multiple speeding tickets, or have been involved in multiple accidents, your car insurance premium will likely skyrocket. However - although you might not get as low of a price as someone with a clean driving history - there are still many ways for you to save money and find a cheap car insurance policy.
First, don't forget the golden rule - shop around! Shopping on the Internet is the best option for many reasons: there is more competition online which means insurance companies have an incentive to lower their prices, it is quicker and easier online (you don't have to drive all over town or spend a lot of time on the phone), and you will have more options. The more quotes you find, the better your chances of finding the best policy, so aim to find at least 5 quotes.
Remember. being honest on your insurance quote application is very important. Many people think if they stretch the truth a little, they will get a lower premium. This might be true, but if you ever need to submit a claim, your insurance company will likely verify the information on your policy. If they find even the tiniest fib, they could very well refuse to pay your claim - which means you wasted months of premium payments and still do not have a way to fix your car or pay your medical bills. Being honest is important for savings in the long run.
When comparison-shopping the main thing to keep in mind is coverage. You can find two policies at different prices and be tempted to go with the cheaper policy. However, this policy might be offering you much less coverage than the other. You need to find policies that offer you the coverage you need first, and then compare prices. Inadequate coverage could leave you paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in an accident. Finding the most coverage for your dollar is usually the best way to go.
You can as well take advantage of discounts. Many discounts exist when it comes to car insurance. You might not be eligible for all of them today, but you can still research the types offered and then try to change things around in your life so that you can qualify when it comes time to renew. Common discounts include low mileage, having the latest safety and security features, student discounts, and driver education course discounts among others.
Finally, look at your policy. Look for extras you can cut such as incentive programs or roadside assistance. Raise your deductible if possible (assuming you can still pay it if necessary) - your premium decreases as your deductible increases, because this is less money the insurance company will have to pay if you submit a claim.
As you can see, even with a poor driving record there are still some things you can do to try to find a cheap insurance policy. However, keeping your driving record clean from here on out should be your number one priority. After a few years of no insurance claims or tickets, you should be back on the road to cheap car insurance premiums!