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Shopping for cheap auto insurance for teenagers

Having a teenager in the house is an interesting time. They are excited about being able to do new things and growing up. You, on the other hand, are likely anxious about the new things and worried about them getting hurt. Driving is top on this list. Almost every kid gets excited about the day they get to start driving on their own, and about owning their first cars. Parents worry about the expense as well as their kids being on the road.
Not only does a car come with a car payment, gasoline, maintenance, registration, and inspection fees, but you also have to pay for insurance. While the other costs stay more or less the same regardless of age, insurance prices are much more expensive for teenaged drivers. This might seem unfair, but its due to a simple fact - teenagers are the most risky group of drivers to insure. This is for many reasons, but lack of experience is high on the list. Insurance companies make up for this risk by charging more for the policy.
Even though insuring a teenaged driver is more expensive than insuring yourself, there are still things you can do in order to find cheap auto insurance. It might take a little bit of work at the beginning, but you can potentially save a few hundred dollars a year!
First, consider purchasing teen car insurance online. When you shop online you have many choices to choose from. Insurance companies know this, and therefore online companies keep their prices low in order to be competitive and lure in customers. Additionally, an online company has fewer expenses than a brick and mortar store, meaning they can charge less and get the same profit. If you search for cheap auto insurance plus your state, you will likely receive hundreds of results to choose from. Simply browse for the coverage you need, and then choose the package with the lowest price! This saves you time and money!
You will want to get at least five quotes, but preferably as many as possible. This way you can get a good understanding of what a low, average, and high quote is, and you have more chances of stumbling across the lowest price available.
Second, try to find as many discounts as you can. When you fill out online quote requests you will likely see the different discounts available for you. However, it is always a good idea to call the insurance company directly in order to make sure you are receiving all available discounts - not every company lists all their discounts online. Teenagers will often qualify for good student discounts, low mileage discounts, commuter discounts, driver education discounts, and multi-car discounts (for the family). Not every company will offer every discount, and eligibility criteria will likely vary, which is another reason why it is good to shop around online and get multiple quotes so you know that you are getting the best deal.
With a little effort you will be on your way to protecting your child on the road and keeping your wallet a little bit thicker!