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Marketing For Financial Services Ideas

Most financial advisers know who their target audience and current customers are, but some still struggle to come up with the best ideas for marketing for financial services. While marketing is not a highly specialized business concept, there are techniques you can use to cater your marketing efforts to marketing for financial services.
Cater to a Priority List
Business prospects are not the same and can be hot, warm or cold in their abilities to convert leads to business. To increase your chances of converting prospective customers into repeat clients, you will need to prioritize your prospects' lists to determine those that are most promising. The next step involves creating a drip marketing campaign to send direct emails, monthly newsletters and periodic information to the people on the €hot€ list. This does not mean that your marketing for financial services will not target individuals on the warm and cold lists but it will be less frequent than the contact you make with people in your €hot€ list.
Sponsor Financial Events
Consider sponsoring high-profile financial events that target customers are likely to attend. This marketing for financial services technique helps to align your business with events that are important to clients. When you sponsor high-profile events, be sure to invite your top tier clients. This helps to direct your prospects' attentions towards your name and business, while also assuring your clients that their decision to do business with you was the right one.
Position Yourself as an Expert
Host speaking engagements and talk about relevant topics for your audience. You may invite complementary professionals to speak on these events as well. Be sure to invite your top-tier clients and prospects to these events. A speaking engagement is an effective marketing for financial services because it allows you to market your expertise in the field because clients are more relaxed when experts manage their finances. You can sell your services to existing clients and land new ones through speaking engagements.
Host a Financial Radio Show
Host a weekly or monthly Internet-based radio show that discusses financial issues, problems and solutions. Use the show to offer your own financial advice as well as interview other professionals in the financial management industry. Invite listeners to call in or text in their questions and problems and then answer them live on air. In addition, you can record the shows and distribute them on Internet podcast distribution sites and radio sites to help attract more listeners and drive more business to your site.
Networking and Member Organizations
Word of mouth has always been one of the most popular marketing techniques in the business world. It is best employed by joining local business communities and attending business events in your locality to mingle with potential clients. Your target customers determine which business events to attend. Local business events offer opportunities for you to relax with prospective clients and do a little relationship marketing. Attending charity events, sitting on boards or committees and attending local community events offer opportunities for you to network with potential clients and inform them about financial services offered by your company.