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Consolidators. What should you know before dealing with them?

There are mostly two sources for getting cheap air tickets and it seems that it's hard to think of anything new. Here it goes for shopping around extensively using various aggregator services or buying your tickets months in advance with the most inconvenient connections and flight time. In most cases getting cheap air tickets implies using both methods if you're really eager to save a lot of money. Still in the recent couple of years a new phenomenon has appeared in the air ticket sales chain, making a lot of people curious and somewhat cautious. This absolutely new phenomenon are consolidators, as they are colloquially named by experts, a new type of travel agents that specialize on ridiculously cheap air tickets and thus are rather sought after by budget travellers. Anyways, don't rush finding one, since working with them implies a great deal of risk.
Consolidator. What does it mean?
In fact they are sales intermediaries who search for unsold seats at all the flights they can get, buy them in bulk benefiting from substantial bulk discounts and sell them to individual travellers at ridiculously low prices. As they get those tickets even cheaper they can afford to sell them at really low prices and still earn some revenue. This practice is absolutely legal, the concept itself is rather logic and advantageous for all the parties involved, on paper at least. Still, you will probably find it hard to locate such a person by searching the word "consolidator", since they rarely operate under such titles and are usually acting as individuals, rather than legal entities. It may become a tough task to find one.
Finding consolidators on the web and in the real world
Should we think about it for a minute, the mere fact that consolidators are rather hard to find should indicate that it's a rather high risk practice buying from them. Perhaps you will find someone like this online, but don't expect running into adequate and flashy websites. Turn to the travel forums and message boards first. If not on the web, consolidators will usually place their ads in local newspapers in the cheapest section, since they usually serve particular areas and don't have a wide coverage with their services. Moreover, such a person won't refer to themselves as a "consolidator", since this term was brought up by ticket sales experts and analysts. Anyway you will understand you've found one if the prices he or she offers are way below the current average for the flight that you're trying to attend.