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Going to ICSC?

I am finally taking the plunge.  I just registered for the ICSC conference in Las Vegas in May. Yup -- my first visit to RECon!

They are saying that registrations are up 15% from this time last year, and it'll be interesting to see how many people show up. I know a few people who are making some last minute decisions to attend and I hope they will all show up.

In any event: I am hoping there may be a tweet-up on Saturday night or Sunday for those of you who use Twitter (@DirtLawyer, in case you did not know). The Hard Rock has been suggested as a venue.

I would really enjoy meeting up with my fellow real estate pros, whether we've met before, traded emails or phone calls or heck, even if we've never had any contact at all. (I will admit that I like knowing that someone is actually reading what I have to say.) I can be reached at dstejkowski (at) stejlaw.com and I will keep my BlackBerry handy if anyone has a little free time.

Hope to see you in Lost Wages!