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Ackman and GGP - somebody help me out here

Maybe I am just getting old and confused. I thought Bill Ackman was saying before that bankruptcy was the solution to GGP's woes. Now he is saying that the answer lies in a seven year debt extension. As we know, management was already trying to get extensions before the filing. Or was his real game plan a BK and then a forced extension to the creditors? You tell me, because otherwise I will never know.

I do know this: I hope Ackman's right about the bankruptcy judge for his sake and for others, including the human beings who still work there. I'm not sure a liquidation would be pretty right now. Actually, I am sure it would not. And if he is right, Ackman says that even at a 9.4 cap (compared to what - a 5.3 on the EOP portfolio?) he stands to make a 1300% cash on cash return. Nice money if you can get it.