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Coverage of AFJ's State of the Judiciary Report

This weekend, MSNBC host Chris Hayes and The Atlantic correspondent James Fallows highlighted AFJ's new report on judicial confirmations during the Obama presidency.

Fallows wrote a follow-up piece for his blog on TheAtlantic.com, focusing on some key points from the report, including some context from recent history:
For all their differences, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were able, during their first three years in office, to place many more judges on the federal bench than left or retired. Thus, the vacancy rate went down. Obama has been able to place many fewer. Thus vacancies have gone up.
Click here to read more on TheAtlantic.com.

For more information on the judicial vacancy crisis and Republican obstruction, see AFJ's new report, The State of the Judiciary: Judicial Selection During the Remainder of President Obama’s First Term.

And this morning, 150 community leaders from all across the country are convening at the White House to discuss the judicial vacancy crisis with some of President Obama's key staffers. Stay tuned for updates from those meetings.