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Senate Confirms Six Judicial Nominees

Yesterday evening the Senate confirmed Henry F. Floyd to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals by a vote of 96-0. Judge Floyd was previously a United States District Judge for the District of South Carolina. The Senate also confirmed the following nominees to serve as District Court judges by unanimous consent: Nannette Jolivette Brown for the Eastern District of Louisiana; Nancy Torresen for the District of Maine; William Francis Kuntz, II for the Eastern District of New York; Marina Garcia Marmolejo for the Southern District of Texas; Jennifer Guerin Zipps for the District of Arizona.

Four of the six confirmed nominees—Floyd, Kuntz, Marolejo, and Zipps—are filling vacancies that have been designated judicial emergencies by the Administrative Office of the U.S Courts. Judge Zipps is filling the seat left vacant by the death of Judge John M. Roll in the shooting incident that severely injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). The other confirmed nominees filling judicial emergencies, all of whom faced no opposition, all waited over 200 days to take their seats on the bench. Judge Floyd waited 249 days, Judge Kuntz waited 209 days, and Judge Marmolejo waited an incredible 433 days to be confirmed.

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