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The October 7, 2010 Post Lacking a Title

Creative, huh?

Lots going on but I will just touch on a couple quick items for now.  If there are ever any topics about which you'd like me to write, just let me know.

There has been a lot of commentary lately about the new GGP board(s).  It is a good bunch of people; almost a Who's Who.   And what about no Bucksbaums on the board -- is that fair in that they still own 7% of the company?  It isn't shocking in light of the turn of events that occurred.  That said, however, the company did turn out doing better in bankruptcy than many pundits expected and -- perhaps more important to many -- retained its independence (so far).  My thought?  Some day, maybe.  Right now, no. Let's get some wind under these sails.

Are the rumors I am hearing of a strong 4th quarter true?  And if so is that because more capital is coming in to save properties, more lenders are foreclosing, both or none?  But hey, we heard this all last year too.  Since I am trying to cut back on sodium I will take it with a grain of salt.

Not being an accountant and all, I will admit I am still trying to get up to speed on FAS 13 changes.  One take is that it will lead to shorter retail lease terms and less aggressive expansion.  Gee, thanks.  That'll do wonders for property values.  (Here is another view from earlier this year.)

Last and certainly not least, I will be appearing on the crePodcast next week, talking about ways a buyer or seller can make a contract better and general real estate type stuff.  I'll try to do a good job!