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ICSC Update and Tweetup!

I will probably skip most or all of Tuesday at ICSC, as I will have my family with me and want to do some non-work things with them before Memorial Day. But I will be Vegas from Friday on, and I am certainly planning to stop by the booths where people have invited me to visit.  If you follow me on Twitter I will note my whereabouts.

On Monday from 5-6 PM, I will be part of a Tweetup, a meeting of people who are on Twitter, being hosted by Dealmakers Magazine at Booth #S283 Q Street.  Many thanks to Anthony Pingicer for putting this on for all of us. I understand there will be a limit on the number of people they can host, but you can RSVP at http://event.pingg.com/ReconTweetup.  Hope to see you there!