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Wednesday Tidbits - 6-17-09 Edition

Busy day today...but here are a few items on my radar screen this morning:

A Chicago panel says the worst is yet to come. They've obviously seen a bid-ask spread. That and lenders have to start lending again. Don't believe what you are reading about that topic, in my opinion.

Mark Walsh is back. You heard that right. "[T]he lead executive who loaded Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. with toxic property investments, is part of a group chosen by Lehman to take over the bankrupt firm's real-estate private-equity arm." Read the comments in this story if you want some entertainment.

Motions to dismiss a number of the SPE bankruptcy filings of GGP by some of the lenders are being held today. Read about the lenders' positions here.

When is the last time you saw a headline like this: "Commentary: Extended Stay Bankruptcy Is An Exercise In Stupidity." Don't hold back now, folks. Tell us how you really feel.

Finally, without mentioning names or blogs, why are so many blogs about business, especially those written by lawyers, written so dryly, without any flair whatsoever? Is it a personality thing? Are they afraid of upsetting current or future clients? As for me, I'd rather not write if there was not at least a modicum of what I think is interesting. This blog's for fun, not profit.