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Deutsche Bank to Trump: pay up, Donald

DB is not laying down in the face of Donald Trump's force majeure lawsuit. It has filed an action in Manhattan against The Donald, saying since the SPE formed to do the Trump Tower deal has failed to pay the lenders back, Trump personally owes the bank $40 million. (H/T to the HuffPo.)

Apparently, then, the loan had some partial recourse to Trump, who IIRC said he would not do recourse (or perhaps it was full recourse) deals anymore. The $40 MM, at least for him, seems to be a reasonable amount for recourse to me. The other question, which a NY lawyer would have to answer, is whether Trump's lawyer will be successful in having venue moved from Manhattan to Queens, where the force majeure case is pending. And if so, then that could be a good tactical victory for Donald by getting a case filed first. Kinda reminds me of spouses racing to the more favorable venue in a divorce -- not that anyone knows anything about that.