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Leave it to politicians....no thanks

Earlier today I gave a basic philosophical thought: that government tends to make pretty much anything more costly and less efficient.

Then I read this. Game, set, match and thanks for proving my point.

Let's assume we need a bailout to keep the financial markets from crashing. (You can disagree with the premise if you like, but go with it for now. Humor me.) Congress has to do something to allow a bailout and stop whatever might happen without one.

What does the story tell me? While Rome burns, our elected officials are deciding whether to fight the fire with spit, buckets, fire trucks or thermonuclear weapons.

I am not trying to blame Republicans or Democrats here. Really, I'm not. But if there truly is a crisis of the proportions that politicians and government officials are saying exists, then lock yourselves in a room until you decide how best to fix it. No earmarks, no blustering, no soundbites, no posing for cameras and certainly no pre-election grandstanding. Just get in the proverbial smoke-filled room (presumably sans smoke) and do what we pay you to do: govern. If that much is really on the line, then be statesmen for once in your lives.

Or heck, maybe inertia is a good thing at the end of the day!