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My favorite non real estate blogs

With perhaps one exception, my blog links are only for real estate related websites. I made that decision intentionally. But that does not mean I don't have other faves of my own that are not part of the legal or dirt worlds. And here they are:

1. Opera Chic: As a musician (former professional, now a dedicated amateur), I like reading about the music biz. And Opera Chic is as good as it gets. OC knows her stuff and is not afraid to tell it like it is. There are great stories, videos, and pictures of all things opera and classical music, with a particular emphasis on La Scala. OC is perhaps the Howard Cosell of the music biz (and I mean that in a good sense). I also like going to myauditions.com once in a while.

2. Piled High and Deeper: techinically speaking this is not a blog. But Jorge Cham writes some of the funniest material you can imagine about the bizarre world of academia. (I am a former Ph.D. student, so maybe that is why it makes me laugh so much.)

3. Sex and the Ivy/The Chicktionary: I don't klnow why I love reading posts about the sex life of a young Asian-American woman attending Harvard. But I do. Maybe it is the voyeur in me. But Lena Chen not only writes interesting -- sometimes compelling -- material, but she does it very well for someone so young. You go girl!

4. Go Fug Yourself: Celebrities in monumentally tacky fashion designs. Enough said.

5. Above the Law and the WSJ Law Blog: they are law blogs, but they don't relate much to what I do; however, I do get a guilty pleasure from reading them.

So there's a very basic list. It is not all-inclusive. But it's a start.